Vermont Senior Baseball League

League Documents

Player Documents

Here you will find the documents that every player must sign.  They are due by the second game of the year, and they are to be sent to the league Secretary by the team manager.

Player Participation Contract

Every player must fill this out every year. Send to our League Secretary. Try to include all information, as it is how MSBL recognizes our league's players.

Player Code of Conduct

Sportsmanship is an important part of VTMSBL and beginning in 2012, every player must read and sign this form every year. Updated for 2014, it is more important then ever to make sure every player reads and signs this form. Send to the league Secretary.

Team Documents

Field Liability Insurance Form

Most every field you play on is going to want to have proof that your team carries liability insurance when playing on their field. That is what this form is all about. You only have to fill it out if you have a new field.

Roster Template

Managers must hand in a roster every year using this form. This is mostly for new teams, or teams that need to start over with their roster.

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