Vermont Senior Baseball League

New Player Information

All Players

You must be at least 35 yrs old to play. The rule in our league is that no team may have more than 4 players between the ages of 35 - 39. If a team has the maximum of 4 players from this age group, you cannot play for that team if you also fall into that age group, even as a one game substitute. In order to pitch in our league, you must turn 45 yrs old by the last regular season game of the season. Our games are played on Sundays, generally beginning at 11 or 12 o'clock.

All players must sign the Player Participation Contract and Code of Conduct forms before they play a single inning in our league. Find those forms here: League Documents

Full Time Rostered Players

If you want to join a team full time, we urge you to check our Manager Contact page. You can then contact the managers of the teams closest to you. Bear in mind, though, that some teams need roster players, and others don't. If the team in your area has plenty of players, you won't be able to join. If this happens, you can become a Free Agent. If you play 4 games with the same team, however, you must pay league dues and join that team.

Part Time Free Agents

Most of our teams need substitute players at some point during the season. This could work perfectly for the player who cannot commit full time to a team, or is unable to get on a roster in their area.

If you would like to become a League Free Agent, use this Once you submit this form, your name will go on a list that is available to our managers during the summer. If you are available on a weekend they need players, you may very well get a call to play baseball.

NOTE TO PLAYERS ALREADY ON A TEAM: If your team isn't playing on a particular weekend, you can join this list to play for another team. Joining this list has no effect on your status as a team player or league member, unless you play 4 games for the same other team.

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